Seattle Tabla School is the integral part of the thriving music scene in the greater Seattle area and the United States. Our Guru Shri Kuntal Roy (Kuntalda) has been teaching the art of Indian Classical Tabla and rhythms to many students worldwide for more than 25 years.

Many students have learned from Kuntalda for years, grown up within our informal community of musicians from all walks of lives, and have blossomed into talented musicians themselves. Many students are contributing to the larger society across the United States and also worldwide as talented musicians and also as well-rounded human beings.

Along with many Tabla students, many vocalists, instrumentalists & dancers have also been receiving training from Kuntalda. The school has been fortunate to train hundreds of such students worldwide, benefiting various artists and also contributing to the community in the form of arts.

We aspire to serve this region and the global community through our mission of spreading the knowledge available to us through the research done by various maestros over last few centuries. We look forward to welcoming you to our school and join us in this noble quest.